Scalping is a trading strategy, which is considered as an unacceptable
practice, if used to return profits by taking advantage of internet latencies,
delayed prices or through high volumes of transactions targeting tick
fluctuations (rather than price movements) where trades are opened and
closed very quickly.
Such trading behavior is considered a breach of our Terms of Business, as
such we reserve the right to act reasonably in good faith and at our sole
discretion to:
1. Immediately terminate your account and your access to our servers.
2. Void any trade (i.e., treat the trade as if the trade had never taken
place) which was part of any Scalping activity.
3. Close any trade, which formed any part of the Scalping activity,
on the basis of our current market price.
4. We can exercise the above rights even if you have entered into (or
refrained from entering into) arrangements with third parties relating
to the relevant trade and even if you may suffer a trading loss as a
5. Scalping for VIP accounts and Commission free account will be considered
for trades opened four minutes or less.
Please be advised that all trading activity is monitored and recorded for quality
purposes and in any event it is identified that you are scalping and abused the trading
platform we have the right to close your account who’s immediate affect Market
broker will not be hold liable or responsible for any losses and incurred.

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